Big O and Dukes Christmas Party

Today Brad Fukes announced that the show will be holding a Christams party at Buffalo Wing University in Fairfax on Friday, December 19 from 8:00 to 10:00.  So come out, support the show, drink some beer, and get an A in stuffing your face.  AZ


WJFK Dysfunctional Family Friday


The holidays. For some families, it’s a time you look forward to family gatherings. For the rest of us, we’re forced to spend time with those wack-job family members that you have to see every year. Here at WJFK, our dysfunctional family starts in the studio and will grow all day because we’re inviting you to be part of the WJFK Dysfunctional Family Friday with Best Buy.

On Friday December 12th we’re putting The Junkies, Big O & Dukes and The Mike O’Meara Show in the studio at the same time to do one big, 13-hour show. The dysfunction starts at 5:55 AM and wraps up at 7PM.

We’re not sure exactly what’s going to happen, but it’s definitely something you do not want to miss. We’ll even be handing off some cool prizes courtesy of Best Buy.

Listen in car. Listen at work. Listen at home. We don’t care where you are – just listen. Your family may not look so weird after this.

Ravens redskins

Almost game time. Anyone else out here knows just how cold it is. I’m pretty much a girl right now if you know what I’m saying…. Oh and I figured I’d snap a shot of some of the pants cakes will be wearing next week.

The Last Hurrah?

We’ve all heard the boys talk about the crappy ratings, plus the Junkies as well as the Mike O’Meara Show.  I hope to Jesus they don’t pull an HFS and make the switch or drop BOAD.  Everyday I look forward to hearing Chad yell at a stupid caller and Oscar talk about his iPhone and Drab being gay.  If this is truly the end for BOAD or even WJFK entirely, it will be a sad day for radio, and entertainment in general.  We have our differences over how some people associated with the show act or treat other people, but NOBODY would want to see the show or the station canned.  AZ

Hate To Make It All About Me But…

After you are done visiting this wonderful blog, feel free to visit my blog at  It’s still a work in progress.

UFC 91 Viewing Party

Agent Zero here to remind all the animals that on November 15, Big O and Dukes are having a UFC 91 viewing party at Velocity Five in Falls Church.  Swing Dick it up, get hammered, and watch the Couture vs. Lesnar fight. The party is from 10 p.m. – 12 a.m.  Be sure to get the famous Oscar Santana brushoff.

Show returns to normal schedule tomorrow!

….and hopefully its every big as gay as this picture lol. That’s a lot of ass.

Hopefully Jaws, aka Chad Dukes will not still be numb and drooling into the mic from his visit to Dr. Hidalgo on Monday so we can get back to a good show that will get us all through our boring day jobs. I know I for one wouldn’t make it until 3:00 without the show and I know most of you feel the same way regardless of the crazy shit that’s gone down over the past few days. I encourage everyone to listen to and enjoy the show on Monday. We all became fans for a reason. Don’t let your emotions about other off air stuff get in the way of realizing that the show is good. We all became fans for a reason. No need to harbor resentment now. Keep showing your support. I for one would be devastated if I turned on the radio and could no longer hear B.O.A.D. The months they were off air after Baltimore were incredibly boring during the day and I don’t wish for a second that it happens again.